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Thank you for all the support you have given us this past year.

Out with the old, in with the new!!

Happy New Year 2021!




Ham Week

25 - January  (Monday)      

     Soup: Cook's Choice

*   Voodoo Chicken Sandwich

*   Grilled Ham & Cheese on 

     Marble Rye

*   Chicago Dog

*   Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

*   1/3 lb. Cheeseburger topped

     with Fried Onion Straws


26 - January  (Tuesday)   

     Soup: Cook's Choice

*   Ham & Swiss Cheese Wrap

*   1/2 Order Biscuits & Gravy

     w/ 2 eggs

*   Chili Mac

*   Chili Cheese Dog

*   1/2 lb. Texas Burger 

27  - January (Wednesday)        

     Soup: Corn Chowder

*   Ground Beef Stroganoff 

      with Small Salad

*   1/2  Order Biscuits & Gravy

     w/ 2 eggs

*   Voodoo Chicken Sandwich

* Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich

* 1/3 lb.Buffalo Bleu



28 - January (Thursday)

      Soup: Stuffed Pepper

     Comfort Food Meal

*   Pork Schnitzel with

     House- Made Potato Pancakes

     & Red Cabbage

*  Turkey, Ham & Bacon 

     Club Sandwich

*   Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

*   Sloppy Joe w/ Chips

*   1/2 lb. BBQ Bacon


29 - January (Friday )    

     Soup: Cook's Choice

*   Denver Omelete Sandwich

     (Ham, Green Peppers,

      Onion & Cheese)

*   Cod Basket with Fries & Slaw

*   Gyro Sandwich

*   1/2 lb. Taco Burger

     (Fresh Guac, Tortilla Chips,  

      Pepper Jack, Lettuce,

      Tomato & Spicy Mayo)



Menu Items Subject To Change Without Notice

The "Jym Shoe" Sandwich

This sandwich is so popular on the south side that guards at the Cook County jail confiscate this item on a regular basis. So we said, "We have to try it!" We now serve it without the prison experience. You should try it too.

Three layers of meat (Italian beef, Gyro meat and corned beef) on a 6" French bread roll. Topped with a slice of Swiss cheese, mayo, tzatziki sauce, lettuce & tomatoes.

The Royale Burger

Start with a 6 oz.  burger add Montreal Steak Season, american cheese, bacon, and fried egg served on a Brioche bun. The best way to start your day, or after a late night. 

Homemade Soups

Made in-house each day, these soups and chili will bring you back for more. 


Postponed until further notice.

(Updated January 25, 2021)

Bar Bingo
Tuesdays @ 8:00 pm.

Trivia  Night
Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm.

Good Food - Good Times

Beer Menu

Follow what craft, domestic and imported  beers we currently serve and check out what we have on tap.


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