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Tuesday Nights 8:30pm-10pm

Free N’ Fun BarBingo is a new spin on a very old game. Customers are invited to play for prizes and all for  free.  The prize is a shared progressive jackpot that currently increases by $1000 per week. To date, our largest jackpot awarded is $10,000.


Wednedsay Nights  7:30pm


Test your Trivia skills against other players.

Open Mic / Jam

Every Monday Night
8:30pm - 11:30pm

Amps, Keys & Drums Provided


Corned Beef

and Cabbage


through Friday or while supplies last

Stilin's Up-date

We will be closed Saturday and Sunday.

Next weeks hours will be posted ASAP.

Again, thank you for your continued support through this trying time.

We appreciate you!!

Let's get through this and get back to a somewhat normal life!

The "Jym Shoe" Sandwich

This sandwich is so popular on the south side that guards at the Cook County jail confiscate this item on a regular basis. So we said, "We have to try it!" We now serve it without the prison experience. You should try it too.

Three layers of meat (Italian beef, Gyro meat and corned beef) on a 6" French bread roll. Topped with a slice of Swiss cheese, mayo, tzatziki sauce, lettuce & tomatoes.

The Royale Burger

A spicy Bloody Mary and a burger with a fried egg is the best way to start your day, after a late night. 


A 1/2 lb. burger topped w/ 2 slices of American Cheese,  a fried egg and bacon with mustard, ketchup, onion, tomato, pickle and chopped romaine lettuce served on an onion roll.

Homemade Soups

Made in-house each day, these soups and chili will bring you back for more. 

Good Food - Good Times

Beer Menu

Follow what craft, domestic and imported  beers we currently serve and check out what we have on tap.


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